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  1. »»>  tensixteen1016:  is now bate-orade.tumblr.com  ««<
  2. Our good buddy Tensixteen’s blog was taken over by spammers so he is closing it.  He puts out great XXX posts with the best being of him.  Please follow him and help him get all of his followers back.  Thanks for your help!
  1. Beto’s Corner
  2. http://betomartinez.tumblr.com/

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Semi soft 💦 @JoshuaEthanTorres

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»»> EXPOSED  ««<

Bam Bam’s contact is at it again as he sends me more of this New York stud’s sexy pics.  He’s very hot and hasn’t contacted me yet about his pics being posted.  Hit him up on IG but keep our little secret.

IG @moreno_bambam_

Please send your pics to:

Por favor manda tus fotos a:            



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If you need a male stripper hmu on my Instagram @joshuaethantorres 🇬🇧

I laughed so hard 😭😭😭

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